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Product features
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     It is designed from years of manufacturing experience draw on others successful experience, the cost performance is far more than the like products. The seeding accuracy reaches to 95 percent the costs are recovered one time

     The polycarbonate material was used to manufacture the rolling injector planter, which is a sturdy hiness material. By this way, the progress of sowing is visual.

     Stable precision transmission: when the roller injector planter rotating, the seeds don¡¯t rotate the hairbrush was installed in the seeds export that there are no damage to seeds coating

     Special design the innovation points: increase external seeds box, which can carry more seeds; increase cover soil plate, which can covering soil synonously; increase auxiliary supporting wheels, which can save energy increase usage stability.

     The rolling injector planter was suitable for sowing on dry l, many kinds of seeds can be sowed through change different sowing wheels, soybean¡¢corn¡¢peanut cotton. The planter can be used in plain¡¢mountain areas hill areas, ridge planting system convention planting system

     The planting distance sowing depth are adjustable, when there are 7 sowing mouths in one round, the planting distance is 23cm; when there are 5 sowing mouths, the planting distance is 28cm; when there are 6 sowing mouths, the planting distance is 26cm.

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