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Product introduction
Browse :     Time : 2016-04-26

    1.Product introduction

    2BD-1 type h planter is a new small agricultural machine, which combination with the advanced experience of domestic similar products in consideration of the situation that the field are scattered、the l is poor、the policy of prohibition of straw burning aging workforce of China

    2.Product characteristic

    1、In the process of sowing, the operator doesn¨t need bending over only a person can finish pricking hole、seedling、covering compacting at a time. Moreover, the h planter can be used by women old people, saving labor time

2、The h planter can be used on no-till l with wheat stubble、hard ground、plate field、rotary tillage l、intercropping l、terraces fields、scattered small plot、gravel l、sludge field slop l.

3、After wheat harvest, there is no need to rotary tillage field burning wheat straw, which a respond to government order of prohibition of straw burning saving fertilizer. It has the effect of water conservation、soil conservation by the way of no-till sowing with the h planter.

4、The h planter has the function of numbering off seeds by voice giving an alarm when there is no seed. By this way, it saves seeds improves work efficiency.

5、The h planter can sow corn、soya bean、cotton、vegetables herbs whose seeds diameter range from 3 to15mm.

   3.assembly use method

   According to the sowing requirements, determine which seeding conditions do you choose, firm ground or loosen ground.

   1、The assembly method of h planter which used in firm ground: (1) Open up the accessories bag take out the shovel used for pricking hole on hard ground, unscrew the two screws in shovel the shovel into square groove to firm the shovel; (2) Install the two screws just take off into shovel screw off them, make sure that the rectangular mouth of shovel match with the embossment of mril bottom.

   2、The usage method of h planter which used in firm ground: (1) Hold the hle with both hs, make sure that the planter body the ground has a certain tilt angle; (2) Insert the planter into hard soil with a lot of force, then drive the hle forward a distance, which will take a ^V ̄ shape hole, lift the planter then the seeds fertilizer will enter into the hole; (3) Covering compacting the hole with feet then proceed the next hole.

   3、The assembly method of h planter which used in loose ground: (1)Unscrew the screws which used for fixing cushion block in iron mouth take out the iron mouth、iron shaft、spring plug; (2)Join the iron mouth spring into seeding slot with iron shaft, then screw down the screws; (3)Adjust the depth control panel according to sow requirement.

   4、The usage method of h planter which used in loose ground: firstly, press the planter into loose soil to deepest with h finish pricking hole; secondly, lift the planter the seed fertilizer cavity are opened, seed fertilizer enter into holes; finally, cover compact holes with feet.

   5、The process method of switching the two kinds of planters: Use the reversed process according the assembly method of the instruction, then join the upper end of pull rod with small hole in planter body.

   6、There are 6 row of kind of wheels for each planter everyone has serial number, from 1 to 6 (No.1 sow biggest seeds No.6 sow minimum seeds), change the wheel as the seeds size. The method of changing the row of kind of wheel: unscrew the screws of the end cover take out the wheel, then install the appropriate wheel fix the end cover.

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