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H planter
Browse :     Time : 2016-04-28

H planter

This kind of h planter can be used for sowing fertilizing of corn、bean some other large particle seeds, can be used without the limit of terrain, so they are used normally on slop l、hilly area small plot. Therefore, h planter is suitable for sowing on no-till ground、straw covering ground reclaimed wastel.

This kind of h planter has the characteristics of drought resisting、keeping moisture、keep a full st seedlings、no burning seeds no damage seeds. It can sow a single seed、two seeds most four seeds, the metering process can be seen, fertilizing amount are from 0 to 30Kg, which is adjustable, seeding efficiency is 3゛5 mu per day.

Use method

(1)    Firstly, lift up the h planter about half a meter high then fall!finish pricking hole;

(2)    Secondly, lift up the h planter again, seed/seeds fertilizer fall into hole!finish sowing fertilizing at a time;

(3)    Thirdly, covering the hole with the feet after the sowing!finish covering compaction.

No-till seeding on sloping l

No-till seeding on wastel

No-till seeding on leveling ground

H planters are exported to overseas, well received by domestic foreign experts

Soybean emergence situation

Corn emergence situation

Medium-term growing trend of corn

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